Lovatts Inklings

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.


Publisher – Lovatts

Volume – 1

Pages – 96

Price – 9.95

Release Date NZ – 02.11.2015


Lovatts have been making magazines for a long time, so they have it down pat. A lovely, embossed paperback cover, sturdy, though non restrictive spine and bright white, smooth pages.

Images are single sided, with a quote on the opposite page. Some of these quotes are inspiring, some are merely amusing. 

The paper is a nice thickness, and I’ve experienced no bleeding yet using pencils, connector pens and gel pens. Some transfer of the image occurs on the opposite page, from the pressure of colouring I assume. As the images are single sided, this doesn’t affect any images.


The images are unique, in that they contain one of three puzzles – hidden object (objects are listed at the front of the book, a maze (configured throughout the image) or a code cracker (again hidden within the image) as below.  

A maze puzzle
Hidden Object Puzzle
Code Cracker Puzzle
The images are varied – some are patterns, some are leafy and floral, some are animals and some are mandalas. There is sure to be something for everyone in this book. 

Line thickness is similar throughout the book and no images are obviously basic or very intricate, making it a great book for everyone.


This book has been wonderful for those times when I can concentrate, but boredom threatens to turn my day very bad, very quickly. The combination of the puzzle and the picture helps distract me.

None of these pictures will take hours, but the variety will spur you to want to do ‘just one more’ – you aren’t drawn into a picture, but rather the entire book. I think it has a great variety of images for all people and purposes – works wonderfully to distract from pain, gives an anxious person any number of subjects to colour and focus on and the book itself and its quotes may surprise you with its insight and ability to make you laugh. 


For the price, I think this book is well worth it. It has 90 images, in a variety of styles and intricacy levels on paper that will hold up to most mediums.

So whether you want a new book for fun, for relaxation, to wake up your brain or to help with a health issue – this will help! 


Title Page
Puzzle Description Page

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