Artist – Sue Chastain

Images – 50

Available to purchase from Amazon (US) via this link or as a digital/PDF download from the artists website via this link.

MiniMENTALS adult coloring book patterns cover


This is the perfect travelling book. With a glossy card cover that is top bound, it is designed for on-the-go, quick colouring. At 20.8 x 15.2 cm (8.2 X 6 inches) and 116 pages, it is a sturdy size, but not so thick it takes up a lot of room in a bag, purse or briefcase.

The spine is glue bound, and is quite sturdy. Being topbound, none of the images go into the spine. Images are surrounded by a border.

The paper is bright white and of medium thickness and texture. I was able to achieve quite a few layers of coloured pencil with no problems, and water based markers only bled through if I coloured over the same spot multiple times. Alcohol markers will bleed through. Images are single sided though, so a few sheets of paper behind the image will prevent any markers bleeding into the next image.

MiniMENTALS adult coloring book patterns cover
Coloured with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers
MiniMENTALS adult coloring book patterns cover
Coloured with Staedtler Triplus 1.0mm pens


If you aren’t familiar with Sue Chastains OrnaMENTALS series; they are pieces of art made of symmetry, mandalas, scenery and patterns to create calming, clear and fun images.

The original images are full sized, so the idea of MiniMENTALS is to scale them down to a smaller square size – whether this means scaling down an image, or more frequently a section or some elements of an image. 

The images themselves are 12.7 x 12.7cm (5 x 5 inches) and situated underneath 7 lines to write notes, thoughts, mediums etc. This feature is another that makes this perfect for a travel book – who hasn’t wished they had a scrap of paper to note something at the doctors or the bank? 

This results in a book that has a wide variety of images – mandalas, patterns, a cheerful frog, a crescent moon etc that are a perfect size.

Line thickness varies throughout, but is mostly medium and consistent. The intricacy remains moderate throughout. One feature that has struck me throughout each of the images is the sheer crisp quality of the images. Each artwork has clear, clean lines that are not vague or sketchy at all.

There is a full, silent flipthrough at the end of this review. 

MiniMENTALS adult coloring book patterns cover
Coloured with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers


This book is one I would recommend (and have indeed purchased for friends) for anyone with health issues, particularly those with accompanying concentration or fatigue problems. The variety of themes means that there will always be one that suits your current mood and concentration level.

The intricacy and line thickness makes this book appropriate for those with vision or fine motor skills, but as always,’please check the images in the video before deciding.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review
Batgirl x


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