Artist – Sue Chastain
Pages – 124

Publisher – SuziQ Creations

inspiration coloring book adults feel good words


With a vibrant bright yellow cover, this book is immediately eyecatching. The glossy card cover is brightly coloured with images from the book and a standout 3D effect on the lettering. 

At 27.9cm x 21.6cm and 124 pages, this book is a heftier colouring book than most! The spine is glue bound and the spine is quite pliable straight away. The first few pages contain a nameplate page to colour, a note from the artist and an index of the images. 

The back of the book contains four bonus illustrations from the artists other colouring books, and three ‘test’ pages to try different mediums and colour combinations.

The paper is of moderate thickness, and with a good amount of tooth. Images are single sided, so as long as you place a few sheets of paper behind the image, any medium will be suitable. I was able to achieve quite a few layers with coloured pencil.

Images are surrounded by a border and the area next to the spine includes a space for the colourists name along with the name of the design. 

The second half of the book contains a second copy of all the artwork at greeting card size. These are two to a page, and do not enter the spine. These are also single sided, perfect for removing and making cards or other projects with. 

coloring book inspirational words pencils
Coloured with Polychromos pencils

inspiration coloring book adults feel good words


This is an inspirational colouring book with a difference – the words within each image have a shadow, causing a 3D effect. This does not affect the colouring at all, but gives a simple special effect to the finished work.

There are thirty designs in this book, each one containing a positive message to colour. The messages are surrounded by optimistic, relevant imagery to add colour to. These include messages such as ‘Bloom’ surrounded by flowers, ‘Shine’ next to a lantern with a woodgrain backdrop, ‘Soar’ with a bird mandala above. 

The images are cleanly designed, with no need to decipher or figure out what goes where. Line thickness is medium throughout, and remains crisp and clear throughout. Intricacy does vary, but the majority of images are a good mix of small and larger spaces throughout. 

inspiration coloring book adults feel good words

inspiration coloring book adults feel good words

inspiration coloring book adults feel good words

inspiration coloring book adults feel good words


Images such as these are great for days when you may be feeling down, anxious or are having physical health issues. Colouring the messages and the accompanying imagery is a great way to distract yourself and focus on something positive. 

The intricacy means that this book would be wonderful for those with fluctuating concentration levels, as the structure of the images means that you can colour one letter, one ant, one flower – or five in one sitting. You can also colour a smaller, greeting card size image in a shorter amount of time.

The line thickness remains moderate, and I think it will be suitable for those with vision impairments. As always, please do check the images and video before deciding! 

Thankyou for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review,

Batgirl xx

‘Feel Good Words’ is available on Amazon US here and the Book Depository here

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